Violence in College Dating Linked to Alcohol Consumption

Published: 2021-06-29 07:11:28
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According to recent research published by the American Psychological Association, the risk of violence, both physical and non-physical, between intimate partners in college relationships is increased when alcohol has been consumed. The study, undertaken recently by Todd M. Moore, Sara R. Elkins, James K. McNulty, Aaron J. Kivisto, and Vanessa A. Handsel, all of the University of Tennessee, set out to assess "the temporal relationship between alcohol use and intimate partner violence perpetration" amongst college students.
A sample of 184 undergraduate students at the University of Tennessee who were currently in a dating relationship for at least one month prior to the beginning of the study were given electronic diaries that they were instructed to use at a set time each day. The students answered questions each day regarding their alcohol and drug use and any instances of face-to-face intimate partner violence, both physical and non-physical. Prior to the start of the study, all of the participating students completed thorough surveys including demographic information, as well as information related to their satisfaction with their relationship, existence of depression, anti-social characteristics, post-traumatic stress disorder, and their past history with intimate partner violence.
The results of the study are concerning. Amongst all participants, the odds of perpetrating psychological aggression were 2.19 times greater when participants had drank that day. Likewise, the odds of perpetrating physical aggression were 3.64 times greater on drinking days. The amount of alcohol consumed was also proven to be a factor. According to the study, "each additional drink consumed was associated with 1.16 to 1.13 greater odds of psychological and physical aggression, respectively."

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