Victimology: Jadm 330 - Rape: A Violent Crime

Published: 2021-06-29 07:05:55
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Rape: A Violent CrimeBy:  Jessica MesserDeVry UniversityProfessor: Gregory MorganVictimology – JADM 330Date: 8/12/2015Rape: A Violent CrimeIntroductionRape is both physically and mentally a serious and violent crime. “Rape is any form of sexual activity that you don't agree to, ranging from touching to penetration. Rape is a crime even if you already know the person who attacked you—if the person is a family member or friend or someone you work with. It's a crime even if you didn't fight back. It's a crime even if you were drinking or if you were taking drugs or were given drugs, or if you were unconscious. Anyone can be raped—children or elderly people, wives or girlfriends, even men.”  (American, 1998).  This essay will have information about what the meaning of rape is, a few of the different types of rape, what steps one needs to take right after being raped, and the challenges rape has on a victim and their loved ones.    Rape – The MeaningRape is a crime that is physical, but the mental aspect is most of the time what sticks with a victim.  “Definitions of forcible rape vary greatly—from sexual intercourse accomplished without the consent of the individual to the more encompassing definition by the National Crime Victimization Survey that describes forcible rape as forced sexual intercourse, including both psychological coercion and physical force. Forced sexual intercourse means vaginal, anal, or oral penetration by the offender(s), and this category also includes incidents where the penetration is from a foreign object, such as a bottle.” (Meadows, 2010).  

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