Victim's Rights

Published: 2021-06-29 07:05:53
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When many people speak about victim's rights or vengeance, there seems to be an overflow of feelings and other debates between those discussing and experiencing these things. Throughout the years of law, we have been advanced from using vengeance for many things to actually having victim's rights.
Victim's Rights
The two articles I read "Crime Victims' Rights: From Illusion to Reality" and "Vengeance Time" in this week's readings. In my opinion in regards to this current subject is that the victim's rights have progressed in an extremely long way in America. In the start there were numerous different laws and other documentation that had wanted to help with the victims, but not many people had taken this with any seriousness. With the new laws that are now assisting the victims, there seem to be more of a need to acknowledge the importance that a victim has when a criminal is convicted. The changes have been necessary to the rights of the victim's by giving a positive outlook for our justice system. Now victims are not only allowed to face their offender, but they can also tell their story, witness any prosecution and in turn now allows the victim to have a sense of justice and accomplishment.

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