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Published: 2021-06-29 07:03:54
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In this essay, I shall evaluate and analyze the history of Venice as much as I can to be able to express the importance of Venice and as well as its characteristics. Therefore, I will describe the city's origin and the principal structural, social, economic characteristics of Renaissaance Venice and also identify the principal design elements of the Piazza San Marco and Piazzetta. And finally, I will give my own opinions about whether the city of Venice fits the characteristics of a Renaissance city plan or not.

What we usually have in mind when we talk about Venice is Venezia, or Venice, by which we now know the city of the lagoons, is in its origin the name, not of a town, but of a country. Upon the proper comprehension of this curious fact depends a proper comprehension of much that is essential in the early history of the city and of the Republic.
It is a well-known fact that the city Venice is the capital of Veneto that is actually a region of Italy. It is located in the Venetian lagoon, off the Adriatic sea, and is made up by series of islands. The origin of Venice as a settlement dates back to the 5th century at the time of the Barbarian invasion of Italy. At that time, some people of the regions in North West Italy

escaped to the marshlands through the Adriatic Sea because of being afraid of Barbarians. So, they escaped to the marshlands just so that Barbarians do not harm them. Now the question is that why would they run to the marshlands not somewhere else? Well, the fact is that the marshlands were the best natural defence place against forces. Therefore, marshlands became a place for people to settle constantly. As a result, those marshlands became the foundations of the great city state of Venice.

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