Use of Scientific Calculator in Solving Systems of Linear Equation

Published: 2021-06-29 06:54:52
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Department of Science and Mathematics education
College of Education
MSU - Iligan Institute of Technology
Iligan City

Marie Chris G. Coyno
Shiela M. Novo

March 2010


The researchers would like to express their deepest gratitude to the people who gave their support for the completion of this study. Expressions of thanks are for the following
Prof. Amelia T. Buan, Their adviser, for guiding, checking, giving suggestions in making this paper; and for the patience;
Dr. Myrna E. Lahoylahoy and Mrs. Grace P. Liwanag, the panel members, for making corrections and suggestions in refining this paper;
To Mr. & Mrs. Ermie L. Coyno and Mr. and Mrs. Raul C. Novo, the parents of the researchers, for their undying love and kindness, for the financial, emotional, spiritual and moral support;
To the researchers brothers and sisters, who serve as one of their inspirations;
To the researchers friends and barkadas, for the encouragement given to them and for the refreshing thoughts;
To all, who in one way or another have helped in making this study;
And above all, to the EVERLASTING GOD, for the never - ending love and for all the abundant blessings given to the researchers.

Kring - Kring and Shie


To the Almighty God and to all
members of the family,
our parents, brothers,
sisters, relatives
and friends for
their all out
support and

This work is wholeheartedly dedicated.

Kring - Kring and Shie


Coyno, Marie Chris G. and Novo, Shiela M. BSE - Mathematics, College of Education, Mindanao state University - Iligan Institute of Technology: March 2010 "Use of Scientific Calculator in Solving Systems of Linear Equation: A self - Learning Kit" (2009 - 2010). Thesis adviser: Prof . Amelia t. Buan.

This study was conducted to developed a Self - learning Kit on Systems of Linear Equation for Second Year high school students; as a reference material. The researchers developed the module by the following steps: Identification of the topic, formulation of the objectives, selection of the contents, organization of the content, face validation of the self - learning kit, evaluation of the self - learning kit by in - service and pre - service teachers at the same time the try - out for the readability, revision of the self - learning kit and lastly, the production of the self - learning kit.

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