United States office of Personnel Management

Published: 2021-06-29 06:58:17
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Unit 6 Final Research Project
GB: 546 Recruitment and Selection
Kaplan University
Shoshonie Heitmann
June 20, 2012

Recruitment, Staffing and Talent Management
The United States Office of Personnel Management is in the business of recruiting, staffing and managing the talent once the candidate is in place. This organization main objective is to ensure that each agency throughout the federal government service has talented and goal oriented employees from which to draw progression and development through.
This organization is very large and the amount of manpower it takes to ensure that position are filled with viable talented candidates, to ensure that any additional staff is needed to perform functions to help ensure that different agencies are able to perform their functions for either the military, government or the American people. This also includes global bases throughout the world.
The office of personnel management also believes in creating a work place that one wants to make a career not just a stepping stone, therefore the promotion of training and self development is a high priority from the bottom position to that of CEO's or executives that run complete departments. This organization realizes that to keep employees it must help them to bring out their talent by helping provide guidance, training and mentoring programs.
The intention of this paper is to show the different levels and programs that is offered by this organization, as well as show how over the years this organization has developed and incorporated talent development and training into their recruitment program to help eliminate turn over and benefit many such as the Veterans, military spouses, and newly graduated students.
Job Analysis
The Office of Personnel Management has very specific guidelines for which it does it hiring and a resume has to go through a points system to even get past the first stages of the look at stage. The KSAO's are highly used but so are the line and skill definers when setting up the different positions that are needed throughout the organizations that OPM hires personnel for. There is a strict procedures that are followed when looking at different positions that need to be filled, the first part of the process is to perform a job analysis. The methodology for OPM is to develop comprehensive list of competencies and tasks defining the job at hand. Significant matter experts (SME's) rate tasks and competencies according to the importance, and skill factors. According to the ratings, analyze which competencies are fundamental to the position, and if should be used in the selection process. Then by creating a accomplishment sample worksheet which determine the rating for the various accomplishments and what rate it will receive (DEO_Handbook, 2007).
Sometimes the different skill factors are shown through work experience or education value. Sometime back OPM had to re-examine their value on the education level for which each position need to be able to complete the job requirements. The discovery was made that many of the GS9 positions posed to high of education credits needed to fill the positions. The process was then changed to lower the education levels for GS9 positions (Library Journal, 1984).

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