United Nations Role in Todays World

Published: 2021-06-29 07:04:36
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About 72 years ago, the formation of the League of Nations was sanctioned to prevent the then politically fragile and unstable world from plunging into another futile war. And well know history narrates that it failed. The consequences that followed were a war much greater, bigger and with more destructive power than the Great War, later known as the First World War. What remains remarkable, even after the two great wars that the world had seen, was mankind's steadfast faith in peace and justice. Hence, out of the ashes of the League of Nations was born another body, this time with reforms and alternations brought in by studying the failure of the LON's mistakes and reasons for failure. This body stronger and more powerful than any other peacekeeping body before it, set out to attempt to make radical changes in the world we know today. To the surprise of many and the delight of millions around the world, even now 61 years later, the United Nations still continues to work and strive for its existence. And though the journey has not been ease, and might still get tougher by the day, its path is firmly paved, as It works with, currently, 193 member states , with 6 main and 4 subordinate ,well known and popular assemblies, it still stands strong.

Name any major crisis in the last 59 years or so and the UN has had a part to play in it. Weather it is the Jammu and Kashmir crisis, the Palestine ownership conflicts, the middle-east countries unrest or India Pakistan war, the United Nations made sure to intervene into it, to see that matters did not get out of hand. Today some of its major peacekeeping missions happen in Haiti, Liberia, Western Sahara, Kosovo, Cyprus, Lebanon and East Timor to just name a few.

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