Ultimately Factors Make Career Satisfying

Published: 2021-06-29 07:02:26
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Some people attend to colleges or universities to continue their studies, but other one stop their studies and go to find jobs after they finish high schools. In general, whether they continue or stop their studies, they always want to have careers satisfying. We know that knowing what is important for a satisfying career is not easy. What are the factors ultimately make career satisfying? I personally say that satisfying career must be allowed for the proper work and life balance, there is sufficient opportunity for development and growth, and there is an acceptable level of income.
The first factor is that satisfying career must be allowed for the proper work and life balance. This proper is very important for life and work. We cannot use much time for a party because it will have negative affect for the remaining. For example, I remember back in Vietnam. There is a single mom and her teenage daughter who lives in a big house. Mom is a CEO of big company. She usually comes back home at mid-night. She works and goes business trip most her time, and of course she earns a lot of money. When she comes back home after work, she lay down and sleep. She forgets there still has a teenager who is living in this house with her. Her daughter has "everything" such as big room, nice motorbike, and expensive clothes and cosmetics, but this teenager is missing one thing that is the love from her mom. One time this teenager asks her mom, "how much do you earn per month?" and her mom said "about $20,000". After a month, in the early morning, this teenager brings $1,000 to her mom room and said to her mom. "I don't have $20,000 to buy a month of your work; I just have $1,000 to buy a day to play and stay with you. This is all money which I save in a month, but if I save in twelve month, I can stay with you twelve days." Her mom was so surprise, and she cries. She just only says sorry to her daughter because I was really busy. After that, she cut off her work time and spends more time to stay, talk, and play with her daughter. Some people think that earning much money is good, but sometime it is not good. For another example, I used to stress when I spend more than ten hours a day for my job. At that time, I worked in a new project for my old company. I worked from 8:00 AM through mid-night for a long time. I didn't have time for rest, and I lost five kilogram in two month. My project was done, and I say that I don't want to work like that again. For another example, my friend is very good. She knows how to take care her family and her work. She said that "eight or nine hours a day for working is enough, and I will use my left time for my family." She has a good kid, happy family, and her income enough to spend for her family. Keeping the balance between life and work is very important, and I think when people work or find a job they will think about it first.

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