U.S Aid Children Soldiers 4 Nations with Child Soldiers Keep U.S. Aid

Published: 2021-06-29 07:04:53
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U.S Aid Children Soldiers
4 Nations with Child Soldiers Keep U.S. Aid

You would think that if the United States knew that its aid would be used for child soldiers in Africa they will stop giving funding however; four nations still receive U.S aid to build up a strong military despite their knowledge of these countries army consisting of children age 13-18. Chad use refugee children as guards and for combat in battles against rebel forces; In the Democratic Republic of Congo they force children to carry guns and supplies through the jungle, causing some to died under their weight; hundreds of boys and girls were forced into the army of southern Sudan, after promising to release them; and in Yemen, children as young as 14 make up almost half the ranks of both the government's forces and the rebels against them.
It was stated in the article that "The Obama administration is allowing American military aid to continue to the four countries issuing a waiver from the 2008, Child Soldiers Protection Act." "In a memorandum to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on Monday, President Obama said he had determined that the waiver was in "the national interest." We are waiting for these countries to change but if they are continually awarded money why would they? Last year it was reported that six countries use child soldiers however; only two countries Somalia and Myanmar are exempt from the aid. The reason why these countries still receive funding is because of the circumstances in which they need a strong military. In Chad, there is a struggle with Al Qaeda; In Sudan with the secession of the North from the South Sudan is in need of the help; The Congo is fight right abuse. After reading the article I understand why the U.S still aids these countries military however, is it worth sacrificing of young children? It is a very touchy subject and with the circumstances of these countries in Africa sadly blood will be shed but should children have to be forced to fight in something they have no knowledge about.

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