Two of a Kind

Published: 2021-06-29 07:12:15
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Argument Paper

Two of a Kind
What would the world be like without computers? Would the human race be able to survive? There are two different kinds of operating systems available: OSX, a more creative system, and Windows, a more straightforward system. These systems exist to run the computers that most people deal with. Many people believe that these two operating systems are completely different; however in all actuality, they are very much alike.
Both Apple (OSX) and Microsoft (Windows) operating systems serve the same purpose in life but to different people. OSX is suited more for the creative artistic person. OSX seems to be the choice for most graphic designers, moviemakers, and music producers. The reason for this is because of the preloaded applications that are on the Apple computers. These applications consist of different tools to help produce a song or put together a movie. Windows is usually the choice for more office-oriented people such as office workers, private business owners, and CEOs. Windows has applications like Microsoft Office where a user can find an array of office tools such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. These tools are used to help write a report or make a presentation. These two operating system makers are more alike in that the purpose they serve is similar.
One of the main differences between the two is the price of the computers that support them and the price of the software. The computers that run OSX are more expensive than the computers that run Windows. A copy of the most recent Windows which is Windows Vista will cost anywhere from $99.95 to $259.95, the most basic starting at $99.95 ( The latest OSX will cost a solid $129.00 for a single user ( The OSX that the person will receive has everything (all programs and applications) preloaded onto it whereas the Windows varies (on the applications and programs they give the customer), depending on how much the customer will spend. On occasion Windows will crash and everything saved on the computer will be lost. Although Apple computers may crash, this occurrence is very rare, and in the case they do, the complication is easily fixed. Since Microsoft is more popular worldwide, it does get a lot of viruses, which can usually be prevented by purchasing virus protection. OSX is known to rarely receive any viruses and is a safer bet.
Through the years Windows and OSX have become more compatible with one another. Today, a lot of computer programs are compatible with both. The upcoming version of OSX has an application that will now allow the user to install Windows on an Apple computer. This application is called Boot Camp and was created for people who are changing over from windows to OSX ( is also a program that the user can purchase

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