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Published: 2021-06-29 06:53:55
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This goes with our acclimation to social situations with the various stages that we adapt (see article on stages) -- through it all, our soul is very consistently there, absorbing, feeling pain, joy, anger, jealousy, love, desperation, and so forth. On a superficial level of course we portray ourselves as happy and easy going -- that is the default setting on our face. Happy is quite probably the new neutral. But underneath there is a soul that encompasses all that is human. We can hide and deny its existence, pursuing a life of pleasures and passing time with dreams. It might make us uncomfortable when we feel a piece of cloth covering our soul gets torn, or ripped, or opened unwillingly. But we must admit to its existence.

And to reveal our soul to someone is to truly trust them.

And perhaps here is an interesting part. It is often not an equal exchange. Some people have seen many souls. Some have seen few. Some people have revealed their souls to many, and others have revealed it to no one. Some people won't recognize a soul if it starred them in the face. Strangely, I almost feel that our souls are reflections of ourselves for which there is no mirror; we will never know what our soul really looks like. Only someone else can look upon it, and we can only tell by their indirect reactions what our soul looks like. And our soul will only change if willed by someone. Some people try to reveal their souls, but cannot, because it is so far hidden from all the rust and debris pulling back all the layers would take an eternity. To trust someone is to let them first see our soul, and then let our soul be changed by them. To trust someone is eternal.

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