Truman Position Paper - Advising President Truman

Published: 2021-06-29 06:53:27
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Christina Faes
Mr. Gower
Am. Foreign Policy
22 February 2011
Advising President Truman
At the conclusion of this awful war, America now stands in a precarious position. There are multiple paths that we can choose, but only one will guarantee both prosperity and stability of America and its allies; this option is Pax American or American Peace. We must come together as a nation and say no to aggressive Soviet ideological expansion. The United States of America holds a responsibility as a superpower in guarantying both free elections and free financial systems to the rest of the world (25). Unfortunately America's intervention came too late to save Europe and every else affected from the terror that Hitler's regime brought upon them, and it would be a humiliation on America's part to take no action against the horrors that Stalinist Communism would bring upon these people.
The option given is the best course of action on many levels; it will protect America's security interests, benefit our allies, and further promote stability in the world. To best protect America's security interests, we must use all means necessary - including military force - to drive the Soviets away from Eastern Europe and compel them to retain the promises made at Yalta and in the UN charter. The Soviet Union will back away from its aggressive behavior rather than risk a confrontation it cannot win if we keep our military forces both conventional and nuclear (26). By, helping the war-ravaged nations of Europe rebuild their economies according to American free-market principles, this strategy will also greatly benefit our Allies. To promote stability in the world, it is imperative that we use both our political and military might to guarantee that all nations have access to the world's markets and resources and that all areas of the world are open to free trade (26).

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