Troy Movie Analysis

Published: 2021-06-29 07:07:19
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Reaction Paper-TROY-
This movie is full of grievances and self-centeredness because they kill for power andsuperiority. Also some characters fight and sacrifice for the sake of family and country. It affectmy life coz I’ve learned so much in this movie like do what is good and be optimistic in allthings. So being return I will apply it to my daily lives.In all of the character !ector caught my attention. "hy# !e is responsible lovable noble man.!e accepts his responsibilities even if he didn$t choose them for himself. !e never made anycomplain about his duty. !ector made the conscious decision to accept his fate and play the rolefor which he was destined. "hen in the face of death he does not shrink and play the cowardcompared to his brother %aris.&uring those times man is always having mistress but the mightiest prince !ector remainsfaithful to his wife. !e is a '()* "(+A) +A),. There is no record in the book of himhaving any other wives and his devotion to Andromache and their infant son only proves thisfurther.+any lesser man would have found it easy to lash out at !elen each time to blame herrepeatedly for the war . . . but not !ector.+y favorite line of him is

All my life I$ve lived by a code and the code is simple !onor thegods love your woman and defend your country. Troy is mother to us all. /ight for her0,1et’s take a flashback. %aris will 2udge who is the fairest among the three goddesses. !era said ifshe were chosen fairest of all women she would make him king of all men Athena promisedhim victory in war and Aphrodite promised him !elen in marriage. %aris was bribed byAphrodite to select her as the most beautiful of three 3uarrelling goddesses. 4ecause %aris is acoward man on the spot he chose Aphrodite w5 no second thought 'swayed by her promise to bestow upon him !elen the most beautiful woman for wife.,The clima6 is in which Sparta fools its opponents and finds a way to get past the walls of Troy isarresting and primal in a way that the other fighting se3uences miss the boat on. The ma2ority of7Troy7 is simply plodding.There are many causes of the Tro2an "ar one of the most significant and influential causes wasthe beautiful !elen of Sparta. !elen wasn’t 2ust any 8reek woman she was the most beautifuland desirable woman alive. "hen !elen ran away with %aris to Troy she abandoned her countryand her people. All of 8reece was forced to go to Troy to bring her back to where she belonged.!elen knew that all the kings of 8reece made an oath to protect her no matter what happenedand she still ran away with %aris. She knew that the kings of 8reece would bring all of their

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