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Published: 2021-06-29 07:07:33
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Just want to get some info on papers. need a shadow truck when del plate call eric before u get there del to dobson s/o guaadaulupeDoing as much of the work right off the bat so that if anything comes up unplanned then I'm not buried in work. I also have to have a lot of visual things. I printed our assignment calendar and have it next to my home calendar and my copy of my work schedule. Sometimes I need a reminder of how busy I really am so no slacking!!! Nothing says that better than a bunch of writing on the calendars.

Wow Eddie that's a lot of work. Especially if your job is the type that manages something. Often the hours spent at work is only the implementing of the management sometimes the ideas for managing happen off the clock. It's a lot to keep in line. I find that keeping on top of things from the beginning is an important key.

You make a great point when you say, "taking online classes will give me more time to be interactive with my kids and help them with their homework as well as completing my own." For those of you with school age children this could be a way to spend time together. You can all do your homework and then move on to something fun! It helps when you talk to your kids and ask them if you can study together. I found this

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