Travelling to Other Countries for Their Personal Studies

Published: 2021-06-29 07:01:19
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English Essay

There are many people who decide to move to other countries for their personal studies, to discover new sceneries and beautiful landscape and to discover a new culture. If these people decide to move permanently to another country it is right that they embrace the culture, their customs and their native tongue .

First of all, one of the main reasons for these people to learn all of these aspects of moving permanently to another country is that they have to respect the culture of the local people, for example if you go to the Middle East you must not expose yourself in public for it is disrespectful towards them, this can be challenging for many people who arrive from a country and are used to their traditions and their culture. Secondly, you have to adapt to their traditional customs this is demonstrated that when you go to Switzerland, there are little shops owned by Farmers who produce fresh foods that have a rule called “honesty shopping” it is a concept that when you go and buy your food no one is there to see if you pay, these people trust the shoppers or also when you go to South Korea “tipping” the waiters or shop owners is not seen well thus people coming from America must adapt to this change. Third of all, people must integrate and function in the community by making new friends for example going to the cinemas, discovering the local cafes, going out in the city centre, communicating with the locals, getting a part time job in a cafe.

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