Traveling - Is It Necessary?

Published: 2021-06-29 07:01:17
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Traveling is known as the movement of people from one place to the other for businesses, education, recreation and employment. Thus a question arises whether it is beneficial to travel or not. The answer arises here.
Traveling increases international globalization as people get a lot of opportunities to know about the native culture, local cuisines, art fields, heroic stories, different languages etc. For example, it is highly satisfying to throw a few words of Greek, to say hello in Thai or simply hear a complete new language. This exposure help people understand and communicate within a foreign country. Not only this, travelling helps people enhancing their knowledge and not becoming insular. to exemplify, visiting Delhi, in India would help people to learn about the India gate, the Red Fort, the stories of Amar Singh, the shops, etc.
Through traveling, one get a chance to interact with others, listen to their opinions and reduce misunderstanding and discrimination among countries thereby getting to know to know each other's perspective. For example, a person going from China to New Zealand carries its respective ethnic background and thereby socially and culturally exchanges it with the native people thus increasing their understanding. It also helps to increase the economic stability of a country as the tourists bring in foreign revenue to the country. Also traveling increases ones skills too.

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