Tranvåg Maritime as Case Study

Published: 2021-06-29 06:56:06
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Table of contents:
1. History of the company
2. Strategic purpose
2.1 Mission and 2.2Vision of the company
2.3 Stakeholders
Company structure

Analysis of external environment:

The internal environment:

9MS Model

Strategy options:
Business strategy
Corporategy strategy & Diversification:
Market development
Product development

Portfolio Analysis
International Strategy: Doing business in Brazil
Brazil and its emerging market
Porters Diamond Theory

VI. Strategy evaluation

VII. Strategy plan implementation
Strategy development
VIII. Recommendations
IX. Conclusion
X. Appendix
XI. Bibliography and References
I. Introduction:
1. History of the company:
Tranvåg Maritime AS, is a consulting firm specialized in maritime operations and safety management in the marine industry. It is based in Ålesund Norway. Its market segmentation covers west and north coast of Norway. The company understands the key challenges faced by the maritime industry and are eager to provide the best solutions through its consultancy, training and development expertise.
Tranvåg Maritime AS was established by Jørn Tranvåg in 2008.The CEO has extensive experiences in the safety management , maritime operations of ships, consultancy, quality management experience at sea and chief engineer certification. Moreover, he holds a Ph.D. in security management and had worked for eleven years as an assistant professor. It is a small company with a turnover of one million kroner and only three employees are currently working for the company. Currently the company has already established itself with a number of clients who recognizes the benefit of making use of high quality expertise and professionalism.
The company provides to consumers various of services including Shipping management, ISM audits, Consultancy, Safety management and distance learning and the training & development courses such as ISM code, ISM internal auditor and HSE.

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