Transition from Hunting and Gathering into an Agrarian Society

Published: 2021-06-29 07:04:17
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As paleolithic people started to settle down, there were some key changes that separated them from their old style of life into a full time agricultural existence. These can include that humans no longer hand the same equalities as before and more inequalities arose, more advanced technology, and people often were weaker because of a poor diet or because they caught new diseases.
Firstly, more inequalities arose as human populations got bigger, because as permanent settlements got bigger people had to be organized. This is how chiefs or leaders arose. Even village-based linage settlements that had democratic qualities with absence of a centralized authority, sometimes developed modest social and economic inequalities. An example of this is the Igbo of Southern Nigeria, which allowed its people to gain certain prestigious titles. Lineages also wanted to expand their numbers, which means they started trying to find ways to gain more prestige or power because they would force their war captives or migrants to become slaves.
Secondly, as humans started living in agricultural communities more advanced technology arose. With the invention of looms, weaving seemed to get easier. The long "stone age" was finally coming to an end and humans started going through the age of metals. This helped make better tools, weapons, and more elaborate jewelry. Around 4,000 BCE, humans went through what was called the 'secondary products revolution' which basically means that they started using their domesticated animals for different purposes other than their hides and meats.

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