Transformational Leadership Case

Published: 2021-06-29 06:55:58
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Transformational LeadershipJuvonnie KinchenUniversity of PhoenixTransformational LeadershipTo be an effective leader one must understand what it takes t be a leader and develop his or her skills accordingly. In fact, an effective leader must be transformational. The opportunities for becoming a leader are infinite in today’s world. However, there are just as many challenges. Organizations expect to hire the best and brightest of the pack. Today’s leaders are expected to be smart, innovative, and capable. Thus, transformational leadership is dependent up the “the leader’s ability to inspire trust, loyalty, and admiration in followers, who then modify their individual interests to the interests of the group (Clawson, 2012, p. 417). Most leaders understand that attaining organization goals is a group or team effort, any efforts to become an effective leader must emulate the same. The leader’s efforts must encourage team building, must maintain the trust of the people, and must include those involved in the decision-making process, so every member is inspiring to rise to higher levels of understanding, creation, motivation, and success. The transformational leadership style as described by James MacGregor Burns (as cited by Wren, 1995, p. 101) describes the style of leadership I try to practice when building teams. He described transformational leadership as: “Such leadership occurs when one or more persons engage with other in such a way that leaders and followers raise one another to higher levels of motivation and morality … . Their purposes, which might have started out as separate but related become fused. Power bases are linked not as counterweights, but as mutual support for common purpose.” As has been reiterated in many books, articles, speeches, and classrooms, transformational leadership is about change and change is about people. Still, there can be no change without solid and effective communication.        It seems obvious that every leader and potential leader should want to enhance and hone his or her communication skills because communication is the tool he or she will use the most. This is particularly important to a leader when he or she is trying to build a team. As I continue to grow and hone my leadership skills and abilities, the ability to communicate effectively, persuasively, and honestly is paramount for me.Communication: Leadership Style InfluenceAs previously stated, transformational leadership is about change and in a team environment the perception of change can be highly motivating or highly demotivating. This is where being able to communicate effectively can make or break a team. A leader must be able to communicate the vision, goals, and mission to the team members, leadership, and any external stakeholders in a way that all understand what effect a potential change will have. Through the leader’s communication, all must understand their roles, responsibilities, and vested interests in the change and/or projects that may cause change.

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