Trafficking in Women

Published: 2021-06-29 07:03:41
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Trafficking in women is often presented as a problem in countries outside the United States. The
United States has been less visible as a site for transnational and domestic trafficking in women
because, for one reason, research on sex trafficking in the United States has been limited. In contrast,
considerable attention has been focused on sex trafficking in Europe, Canada, Japan, Australia and
other industrialized nations. Statistical data on trafficking, numbers of women trafficked into the
country and estimates advanced by governmental and non-governmental groups (NGOs) are difficult
to verify. Incidents of trafficking are often reported in isolation from one another. The who, what and
why of trafficking into the United States has not been evident.
This situation is beginning to change. Destination countries, such as the United States, are now
working together with source countries, to draft regional action plans such as the Asian Regional
Initiative Against Trafficking (ARIAT, 2000). The Clinton administration from 1998-2000 initiated
an anti-trafficking strategy (Presidential Directive, March 11, 1998) that brought together

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