Tradition Vs Modernity

Published: 2021-06-29 07:11:33
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Society had been through many evolutions to transform from traditional society to

modern society we lived in today. Modern society had learned it's passed from traditional

society to improve and develop to have a better system. However, since changes had been made

throughout time, there are some distinctions among modern and traditional society. Classical

liberalism, known as the key to modern society, is structured with absolute free-enterprise

market, known as capitalism. It puts greater emphasis on equality and freedom of individuals, it

puts values individually more than as a whole (M. Patricia Marchak, Pg10-11)1. Moreover,

modern society is known as the world full of technology, society uses and rely technology for

their daily work. Also, woman in modern society have greater value where their role are not only

working at home, but they can also work accomplish things they like. In the other hand,

traditional society is constructed with classical conservatism, where it values "natural" hierarchy,

gives positive values to class inequality. It is believed that society must have class inequality for

it to function well (M. Patricia Marchak, Pg13-14).2 Moreover, Family was working as a

corporation to provide goods for themselves and the role of woman and man are clearly distinct.

In paper would argue traditional society are more sympathetic result from, inequalities, values,

beliefs among citizens, economy they lived in, technology they have and roles of gender.

Industrial revolution had brought up significant changes to labour market from

traditional to modern society. Back in the old days, citizens were working as Family Corporation

at home to make living. Family had their own farm to grow food for themselves. They tend to

work with a cycle of task and have a daily work routine. As a result, children were allowed to

Patricia Marchak. "Ideology and Social Organization" from Ideological Perspectives on Canada, Mcgill-
Queen's University Press, © 2011, 1-24
Reproduced with the permission of McGill-Queen's University Press.

play around and did not have to work eight hours a day and six days a week. However, industrial

revolution was taken place where child labour was used to increase the rate of production.

Children were sent to factory and mills to work for long hours with bad work conditions. This

event had broken up the family economy working as Family Corporation and transforms it to

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