Total Quality Management Frameworks

Published: 2021-06-29 07:00:14
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Total quality assessment frameworks can be grouped into four different categories. The first set of these categories are the models proposed by individuals who have basically thought out points from their knowledge and experience which need to be implemented in an organization to improve quality. Typical examples of these models are the 14points proposed by Deming, Crosby's 10step and Juran's 10point plan.

The rigid and highly structured requirements required to attain international or national quality standards certificationslike ISO14000, ANSI-90 and ISO9000 comprise of the second group of frameworks. Due to the similarities in the prescribed requirements by these standards, they are highly sought after by businesses within countries and the international trading scene and as such are mostly taken as order qualifiers to gain entry into some international markets.

The third set of frameworks that sees the overall performance of an organization are the self assessment models which comprise of also rigid, highly structured models that weighs the overall sum of a business's performance on many parameters with a quantitative approach. These set of frameworks are more popular than the quality standard frameworks because they are believed to be more useful and serve as order winners over order qualifying standards mentioned in the previous set of categories. The MBQNA, business excellence model of European foundation and the self assessment for continuous improvement and standard quality management systems are some of the frameworks in this category.

The final set of quality frameworks are general techniques or tools such as benchmarking and business process reengineering which have been extensively used by many organizations for quality improvement across their supply chain.

The size of an organization and the degree of quality maturity are things an organization has to consider before selecting the most appropriate model and applying them to improve quality in their business. For example, the second group of quality frameworks like ISO9000 seem to work best in the early stages of a business venture's quality improvement efforts because they'd be basically seeking to improve documentation of activities. These models provide some satisfying aspects of the excellence model when implemented properly but however the models in the third group of frameworks seem to become more appropriate when the business matures.

I'll be using Joseph Juran's 10 steps model to assess the effectiveness of BT retail's seven steps program to revitalise quality & discuss the role and involvement of the managers in carrying out the program. The seven steps to real quality program at BTretail are(Oakland,2003):

1.put customers at the heart of what we do

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