Tomorrow, When the War Began - Suspense

Published: 2021-06-29 06:54:54
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Tomorrow, When the War Began
John Marsden, the author of the adventurous novel, Tomorrow, when the War Began, maintains the suspense needed for the novel. As well as maintaining the suspense he also creates and builds up the tension as the complications forces the characters to act. The suspense contributes a large part to the series' success. Six of the many examples of a suspenseful scene include finding no life at Ellie's house (chapter 6, page 55), Lee stating that there might be a war (chapter 6, page 68), when Ellie had trouble lighting the match which was depended on the lives of Ellie, Corrie and Kevin (chapter 7, page 90), the plan on retrieving Lee (chapter 11, page 141 - 150), finding the Hermit's hut (chapter 14, page 187) and the plan of blowing up the bridge (chapter 20, page 255). The tension and suspense builds the action and helps develop the characters.
Once they reach Ellie's home after their first trip back from Hell, she automatically knows that the dogs are dead. The sentence is dramatic and direct as the sentence length of it is very short. The affect of this also contributes to the tone of this particular section: blunt and heavy. This also helps the reader understand how Ellie is feeling when she finds out that the dogs she loves dearly are dead. The description of the dogs is horrific which appeals to the readers' feelings as shock and
Marsden ends chapter 6 with Lee stating that there might be a war. His dialogue before that sentence are moderate to complex sentences, therefore applies that Lee is pretty intelligent and bright. Although the sentence stating that there was a war is short and direct, this makes it dramatic and suspenseful. It gives the reader the urge to read on, wanting to find out how this war started, why it's happening and who their opponents are.

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