Tokyo Disneyland (tdl)

Published: 2021-06-29 06:59:45
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Tokyo Disneyland (TDL), which opened in April 1983 in the Tokyo
bay area, is a big organization and a big success. In 1996, it had 12,390
employees, about 2,000 regulars and 10,000 part-timers. This makes
TDL the biggest workplace among Japan's diversionary outings. In the
same year, TDL was visited by slightly more than 16 million people.
This makes it the most successful theme park in the world (see table 1).
In terms of the Japanese leisure market, TDL's number of visitors
more or less equals the number of visitors to the rest of the parks in
Japan, and its yearly revenues are bigger than those of the rest of the
parks put together. TDL is owned and operated by a Japanese company,
Oriental Land Company (OLC), which is a partnership between Mitsui
Real Estate Development (Mitsui FudGsan) and Keisei Electric Railway
(Keisei Dentetsu). OLC was licensed by Disney in return for 10% of the
admissions and 5% of food and souvenir sales. Ever since 1983, TDL's
marketing strategy has basically remained the same, claiming that it is a

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