To What Extent Was the Unites States Morally, Economically and Politically Justified in Entering the First World War Against Germany?

Published: 2021-06-29 06:53:05
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The United States was completely justified in entering the war, first off there was the unrestricted submarine warfare that involved sinking passenger liners with american citizens on board, then there was the Zimmerman Note that stated that should Mexico declare war on the United States Germany would help Mexico regain all its lost territory. Germany encouraging Mexico alone to attack the U.S. could be cause enough. Had Germany not encouraged Mexico i don't think the U.S. even would havegotten involved. And what military power did the United States portray none, it wasn't like the second world war where our military was everywhere and our gigantic navy contained thousands of ships and our armed forces number 10,000,000+. The United States was forced into the conflict. America should remain neutral and trade with each country. Diversity of the United stated, relationship with france, Germany and great britian. Although the president Wilson did not want America involved he wanted to stay at peace. German is rampage the attrocotties in belgum, all the posters that will be created of German attwatiesin belgum. Public opinions brought on German. (Doc. 4). Don't cross over the Atlantic because wars are going on and its there zone. Unrestricted submarines warfare roughly 1200 people will die in seeking of the lusitania including 128
Americans. Boats sail in war zone at your own risk. Big chance of being hurt (doc. 5). The Germans are killing everyone. Wilson desire and idea for freedom of trade and the seas (doc. 8). America is becoming not so neutral America is becoming adjatated towarda Germans (doc. 9).

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