To Keep Kids Away from the Computers Parents Must Encourage Their Child to Take Part in Sports

Published: 2021-06-29 06:53:42
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"I am chatting with my friends I don't want to come in Wallmart." an eleven year old girl told her mother when her mother asked to come with her. Just imagine how badly computer has caused our society! In this modern technological world no one is away from the computer addiction. My cousin is just 2 year old and instead of painting on paper with colors at that small age she can paint on MS-paint in computer. I think this is just a beginning in future. Parents have to be aware of these otherwise children will loose their creativity. Parents have to divert their kids so they engage in other activities. Many parents would suggest different ideas for it. But according to me sports is the one of the best possible option for the parents to encourage their children for.
Some of them argue that if we encourage our child in the sports it would affect their education. In this competitive world degree education is the most important thing to survive. With out study their future would be in danger. Study has proved that each American child wastes almost 2-3 hours of a day on computer. These two hours they can spend in practicing sports. All knows the benefits of sports in life. Any sports child always have chance to go ahead and chance to qualify in the national team. Once any one take interest in sports it would become the part of life. But research has proved that even children who are involved in sports get better grad than a normal child. So there isn't any scope for the parents to argue that it would harm their study.

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