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Published: 2021-06-29 07:02:44
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Making Americans more dependent on energy is the agenda I agree with the most. Drilling oil off Alaska and other areas is the same choice that resulted in the oil spill that occurred off the Gulf of Mexico. The oil spilled more than 1,000 miles off the shoreline, resulting in more than 82,000 birds; about 6,000 sea turtles; nearly 26,000 marine mammals, including dolphins; and an unknown, massive number of fish and invertebrates may have been harmed by the spill and its aftermath. Center for Biological Diversity. "Catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico: Devastation Persists." There was major ecological damage done to the biodiversity region, but most in deep-sea biome. Human health implications also occurred, thousands exposed to toxic contaminants that could die without treatment. Eley, Tom. "One year since the BP oil spill: Covering up a catastrophe." World Socialist Web Site, 20 September 2011. The course of the spill has had serious health impacts on human populations residing on Gulf coast. "Oil-spill health risks under scrutiny." Nature, 24 June 2010
While other political figures such as Sarah Palin decide to support with the "Drill baby Drill" that began in Alaska back in April of 2008, Obama made a conscious decision to open a $2 billion credit line to Brazil's federally owned oil company, Petrobras. Of course, many began to criticize the President saying "not only were we abandoning drilling in the US, but we were enriching political friends in their offshore Brazil investments." Fox News Anchor (Beck, Glenn; June 21, 2010). The idea Glenn Beck overseas is that for every $1 billion dollars lent, 74oo jobs are created. See the reasoning for the Export Import bank was so that we receive a loan to drill offshore in Brazil opposed to drilling in the United States. Receiving our oil from Brazil will bring less drama instead of running the risk of drilling oil off shore the Artic which will leave detrimental results.
Overcoming theses habits include greener economic pastures which will creates 5 million green jobs by investing $150 billion in clean energy over a decade which pretty much translate into 500,000 jobs a year. By updating old buildings, it will make them more energy efficient and at the same time create more construction and engineering jobs. Not to mention the new proposal President Barack Obama has presented that half of all cars purchased by the federal government will be plug-in hybrids or all-electric by 2012, this proposal also lies in the $150 billion energy package in an efforts to free America from dependency on foreign oil and aid them in the dependency of energy.

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