To Describe the Implementation Stage for This Project

Published: 2021-06-29 07:12:30
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The objective of this paper is to describe the implementation stage for this project.
There are 6 major activities and will be covered as follows:
* Coding
* Testing
* Installation
* Training
* Support
Coding is the process through which the agreed upon requirements created by the stakeholders are turned into functional code. Depending on the requirements this process can be quite rigorous and involved. The obvious outcome of this process is the actual code; however another important result is program documentation. System documentation is most important for the IT group. The first group is operational support or otherwise known as the company's helpdesk. This will help them support the very end users who are going to be using this software. Documentation is most important for the System Administrators and other members in the programming group which will aid them in troubleshooting especially for newer members not involved in the project's inception.
Once coding is complete the next phase is testing. As each module is completed, they can be tested individually then once multiple modules are complete, they can be tested together as one large system.
IT and select end users will be a part of this process. IT can test the software on the infrastructure to ensure proper throughput. This helps identify if the bandwidth requirements are sufficient for the network and does not contribute to such things as network lags. It can also ensure proper response time and can make the proper adjustments to hardware or OS configurations to achieve the desired result.

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