Thomas Green: Power, office Politics, and a Career in Crisis

Published: 2021-06-29 06:58:07
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What is Thomas Green's situation?
Thomas Green is a young senior market specialist that was fast tracked to the position by the Travel Division Vice President Shannon McDonald after successful sales performance in his first four months on the job. McDonald warned Green that his promotion was done without the consent of his direct supervisor and that he would "have to deal with any fallout that might result from that" (Sasser & Beckham, 2008, p. 3). Green received negative feedback on his performance after his first month in the new position and after four months on the job he was in jeopardy of termination.
What are the different work styles, personalities and expectations of Davis and Green?
* Thomas Green personality traits
o Green would probably score high on the openness to experience/intellect scale since he was eager to take a chance on a new job that was two steps up the ladder from his current position. He is also very creative with the solutions he offers his clients. (Potter, 1996-2011)
o On the disorganized/conscientious scale Green might score more toward the disorganized part of the scale. I would rate him this way because he is negligent in following through with things such as communication and documentation and is not dependable to his boss. (Potter, 1996-2011)
o Green would rate high on extraversion and agreeableness. He is not afraid to meet new people and put himself out there and even stated "I made it my mission to get noticed" (Sasser & Beckham, 2008, p. 2). Both of these traits would be something his chosen career field would require. (Potter, 1996-2011)
o The neuroticism scale is a difficult one to rate Green on. I think as a general rule he would be a low scorer but the circumstances of his relationship with Davis probably move him more toward the neurotic side. (Potter, 1996-2011)
* Frank Davis personality traits
o Davis would rate more toward the openness to experience end of the scale based on the fact that his career field has been sales and marketing and this career choice would require that a person be original and creative to survive but I would not rate him extremely high in this scale since he also displays the trait of being conventional. Davis is set on having things done his way and is not open to letting Green run free with his own idea of how to do his job. (Potter, 1996-2011)
o Davis would rate high on conscientiousness since he seems to be well organized. Davis carefully documented all of the issues he had with Green and used facts to back up his complaints. He also informed Green that he expected him to "spend a significant amount of time preparing for client meetings" (Sasser & Beckham, 2008, p. 3).
o On the extraversion/introversion scale I would rate Davis on the high side since he is not afraid to voice his opinions to Green and addresses them proactively instead of avoiding the situation. (Potter, 1996-2011)
o Davis would rate low on the agreeableness scale where Green is concerned. He is very critical of Green and is not very forgiving of his missteps. (Potter, 1996-2011)
* Work styles and expectations - Davis and Green differ widely in the areas of work style and expectations. When it comes to dealing with customers Davis is focused on providing customers with all of the documentation and research necessary for them to make an educated choice where Green relies on his charisma and ability to think quickly on his feet. The importance of reporting and documentation is something a person learns with work experience and maturity which Davis has and Green does not. Davis expects Green to follow the company norms and Green expects to be allowed the freedom to make his own decisions and not to have to follow a set of rules if they do not make sense to him.

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