This Project Aims to Find Out Whether the Skincare Brand Thann to Enter the New Market- Malaysia with Existing Products and Service.

Published: 2021-06-29 06:54:00
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This project aims to find out whether the skincare brand THANN to enter the new market- Malaysia with existing products and service.

Through conducting the internal and external analysis to find out the environmental benefit for the company as well as market research is also conducted to consider whether the company is favorable to entry to Malaysia. Besides, the nature of competition and level of market development and 12C framework are used to analysis the market condition. For the future studies, it is recommended to have a wider expand for business by launching the men collection and opening more specialty stores for the short and long term strategies.

THANN is a Bangkok-based retailer of skincare products known for the natural ingredients and unique designs which is a dominance skincare brand in Thailand.

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