There Is No Privacy in the Future

Published: 2021-06-29 07:10:35
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In the modern world, you could easily get all the information that you needed on the internet, newspapers and magazines. That was really convenient for us nowadays. However, did we ever think about that where the information comes from? We just cared about what we wanted and what we needed; we ignored the other side of the "convenient tools", that was privacy.
If you were interested in somebody or something, all you had to do is to google it. Then you could see a person's pictures, background and his whole life on the website. That was simple but horrible. It was as though you were a totally transparent person; like you wear nothing and everyone could understand you thoroughly. There was a movie star talked about the problem on a TV program, the host asked her that if she was frustrated by some difficulties, who is the person that she would like to pour out. Her answer was really short, "Nobody." She said. That was because she thought that all the people on the earth could not be trusted, even if you told someone you believed in, you might be doubted whether he would tell another person whom you didn't know. So you could trust no one but yourself.
Besides, as if you lost a hair or a nail at somewhere, you had to worry about your personal film. Perhaps that was necessary to login all the people's information when somebody got lost, kidnapped or murdered; that was still improper to do so. Supposing that the police could investigate the prisoner by these films, so could the bad people invade the computer to get victims' films.

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