Theories Supporting Teamwork

Published: 2021-06-29 07:10:31
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School of Accounting and Management, TrinidadATTEMPT: 1ANGLIA RUSKIN UNIVERSITYAssignment CoversheetSTUDENT DETAILSStudent Number:##########FACULTYLord Ashcroft International Business SchoolASSIGNMENT DETAILSModule RefMOD001120 / F01SAM / 2016/7Module TitleOrganisational BehaviourModule Element010 - ASSIGNMENT, 800 WORDSTo Be Marked BySubmission date (by 2pm)08/April/ 2017Submission of this assignment agrees to the following: I understand that the piece of work submitted will be considered as the final and complete version of my assignment of which I am otherwise the sole author. I understand both the meaning and consequences of plagiarism and that my work has been appropriately attributed unless otherwise stated. I have not knowingly allowed another to copy my work.Mitigation – you have 5 working days after the deadline to submit a claim for mitigating circumstances. If there are matters or circumstances which have had a serious adverse effect on your performance in any assessment, you are advised to seek advice from a Faculty Student Adviser.Mitigation Forms and further details are available at COUNT: 794Disk included (tick)ASSESSMENT FEEDBACK - LECTURER TO COMPLETETurnitin receipt numberSignature of MarkerDate% Mark(Un-moderated)TITLE PAGETerms of Reference: Produce a paper discussing the nature of group behaviour and how it influences work performance, by drawing on the prescribed text and/or relevant academic literature, using traditional and contemporary theory to support all ideas.To:         ########Module Lecturer Organisational BehaviourMOD001120        Anglia Ruskin University

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