Theology of the Teaching Ministry

Published: 2021-06-29 07:08:52
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[pic 1][pic 2][pic 3]INTRODUCTIONFinancial management in most churches have now become a controversial issue and for this reason many churches are breaking apart in Ghana. Mismanagement, poor accountability and improper transparency has led many Christians to backslid. The great commission of the church is now shifting from wining souls to wining money. TRANSPARENCY OF THE CHURCH FINANCESTransparency of church finance is very essential in our modern church settings. People give because they love God and wants to see the kingdom business progressing. Thus planting churches, outreach missions, evangelism, building churches, helping the needy and many more. However, the church has now become personal assert, source of revenue for some pastors and leaders and self-material development by some elders. For these reasons transparent accountability is very crucial. As it is written in the Holy Bible, “now the sons of that wicked woman Athaliah had broken into the temple of God and had used even its sacred objects for the Baals” (2Chronicles 24:7).Moreover, these sons were among the people whom the treasures of the temple had been entrusted to, yet they broke into the temple and mishandled the funds. Nevertheless, this is exactly what some pastors, elders, deacons, and many others are doing today, using church funds for their personal consumption.

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