The War Within of the Bhagavad Gita

Published: 2021-06-29 07:08:43
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In Chapter One: The War Within of The Bhagavad Gita, the beginnings of lifelong battles are discovered and declared throughout the text. Truths of wars and battles with everything and everyone on earth are brought to the horizon, and the realization that life is not easy but more of a battle field is obtained.
Throughout the entire eighteen chapters of the Bhagavad Gita the insights that are brought to all followers are powerful and are important truths. The Gita acts as a map and a guidebook for the followers of Hinduism, and is known as the Song of the Lord. The Bhagaran or lord is sending words of wisdom through experiences and story to enlighten the followers on how to make their journey through life, and eventually through many reincarnations until salvation is reached. Struggle for self mastery is the challenge that one faces in every reincarnation in order to obtain the goal of salvation and reach "heaven", or cross into the other world with God's presence for eternity.
The first few insights of this sacred text are some of the most important, since it is necessary for one to face the war within in order for them to face the battle without. The whole spiritual journey is referred to as a "battle"; this key realization of what or who the battle is becomes essential knowledge so the follower can understand what may be necessary to overcome. Chapter One sings the song of how Arjuna looks within his mind and circle of life to realize what evils he will face or who will cause battles of evil in his life. The war within and the "battle" is an allegory between the good and the bad. Throughout life one must realize that there will always be good and bad, and within every decision comes the battle of knowing what is right and wrong. Arjuna has his faithful chariot by his side throughout the first to please his lord, which is to obtain the knowledge of who is a solider for the good and who the opponents will be that must be fought. However Arjuna is brought much distraught and becomes very perplexed when forced to face the reality that his family and friends are not all on his side of the battle for good. Arjuna comes to the realization that within his life his father, brother, son, uncle, friends and fellows are not there to help him but may be obstacles he needs to overcome and go to war with. The lord has him face the fact that there will be many battles within his life, so that he can allow himself to fight battles even if they seem impossible.
The war within is not only realizing who enemies are, but overcoming the fears within the mind in order for victory to be achieved, and eventually salvation to be reached since fearful thoughts of failure will prevent anyone from achieving success. Buddha preaches that "All that we are is the result of what we have thought, we are made of our thoughts; we are molded by our thoughts." In essence thoughts have more power over the mind

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