The Voices of Freedom

Published: 2021-06-29 07:01:17
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 The Voices of FreedomIn the earlier century during the colonial period slavery spread like a plague that created a division between the whites and blacks in the American society. The abolition movement in the United States grew rapidly as most of the white Americans and African American with individual formerly slaves joined the movement. The author of Clotel, William Wells Brown born in Lexington was an abolitionist for African American and rose from the bondage of slavery to facilitate the fight for status within the ultimate abolitionist movement in American society. Slavery oppressed the blacks whom were mistreated and separated from their family members. The colonial period created a division in America society through slavery of African-American, and the issue of continued peculiar institution and an abolitionist plea to stop slavery is well exposed through the novel Clotel by William Well Bells.The blacks associated rail technology to gain freedom and access to properties and equality (Zylstra 780). Consequently fighting for freedom in the family unity is one of the issues raised in the novel Clotel, Or the President's Daughter narrates how Clotel’s family is bound by slavery, rigid restrictions and its effects on the family relationships. The relation between the mother and child is segregated or rather enslaved, and there is no freedom. Currer is presented as a mother who is bound by the restriction of her white husband and was ordained to protect and keep her children safe. The mother mind is not at peace and tries so hard to achieve freedom so that she can stay on her own. She was mistreated by the white husband based on the color of her skin. We have to keep in mind that during this period slaves were treated inhumanely, as animals, and had no rights to acquire or own any property.

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