The Valley Winery Case

Published: 2021-06-29 06:56:54
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Pat Waller, recently hired as sales manager of the San
Francisco region's chain division, was lamenting the
problems he inherited. Despite favorable sales results for
the San Francisco region, turnover was so severe Waller
could not understand how sales increased during the past
several years. He was surprised to learn the average sales
rep had been with the San Francisco division of Valley
Winery for only seven months and sales force turnover
neared 100 percent a year. In fact, only one sales rep had
more than two years' experience. Waller had heard that
high turnover was a problem nationwide but did not expect
such high figures for San Francisco.
Waller supervises two area managers, who in turn direct
nine district managers. District managers supervise
five to six sales reps, of which there are 50 in the San
Francisco division. Approximately 50 new sales reps are
hired each year, but the sales force size remains relatively
constant. Waller knew the increased competitiveness
in the market would make it more difficult to

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