The Ugly Character

Published: 2021-06-29 07:11:36
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When discussing my chosen word 'Ugly' with my family my little cousin overheard me saying this and shouted out 'UGLY DUCKLING'.
This isn't what I initially about thought when looking and researching this word. This really intrigued me and inspired me to look at the word ugly, but from a child's point of view.
I asked my cousin what else was ugly she replied 'the two ugly sisters from Cinderella'. This was another character I hadn't considered. She then added 'Pinocchio is ugly because he lied and my teacher said lying is ugly! These ideas motivated me to think about the aspects of the word ugly from a child's point of view. I began looking up cartoon and Disney characters that were portrayed in an ugly way. Beauty and the Beast was my first find, followed by the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Following this I watched both of these films, as the story lines were completely based around the theme of ugliness. During the Hunchback of Notre Dame I came across the song entitled 'Out there' and in this song Quasimodo ( the hunchback )is made by his master Frollo makes to repeat after him saying that he was deformed and ugly and that he was a monster!

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