The True Meaning of Charity

Published: 2021-06-29 07:03:41
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Wikipedia defines charity as the practice of benevolent giving and care. In Eudora Welty's A Visit of Charity, there is a strong argument of what the true meaning of charity is. The short story consists of a Campfire girl named Marian who has to visit a nursing home for points. In the beginning of the story, Welty shows the audience that Marian really does not want to go visit the elderly. Once she arrives, she comes in contact with a nurse. Marian describes the nurse as resembling a man, and once the nurse begins talking, she refers to everything being cold and muggy. As Marian and the nurse approach the old ladies room, Marian's anxiety escalates. When Marian enters into the room, Addie, the somewhat nice old lady greets her while the mean lady in the bed silently lies there.
Charity is perceived as a gift from the heart. In A Visit of Charity, the subject of what is the true meaning of charity surfaces. In this short story, charity is portrayed as an offer and receive situation instead of only giving. Most people associate charity with other words such as compassion, goodwill, sympathy, and most important, love. When Marian goes into the nursing home, none of those words were expressed in her thoughts. Instead of Marian treating the old ladies like actual people and accepting their circumstance with an open mind, she walked into the situation with a judgmental heart. There is a form of irony identified in the beginning of the story because if Marian is only visiting the ladies for points, then it is not really considered as charity, but on the other hand, Welty could have been using a form of sarcasm.

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