The Treaty of Versailles

Published: 2021-06-29 07:03:56
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The Treaty of Versailles is the peace treaty that ended World War 1, it was harsh
and it punished Germany and its allies. In my opinion, Germany deserved the
punishments that were in the Treaty of Versailles. Germany was the country
that attacked first, and Germany was the one that lost the war and requested an
armistice, so they deserve to pay if they did surrender.

The United Stated did not like the Treaty of Versailles and at the end they signed
a separate peace treaty with Germany. President Wilson and the United States
only wanted a permanent peace in the world, so they can make more money in
trade. The United States saw the Treaty of Versailles as unfair peace treaty for
Germany that meant to only cripple and punish them. For conclusion, the United
States wanted to end the war, they did not like the Treaty of Versailles because
they thought it was too harsh, so they did not sign it.

The French people were the ones that got hurt from Germany over decades, and
mostly in World War 1. They wanted to revenge and punish Germany, to cripple

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