The Tragedy of Antigone

Published: 2021-06-29 07:07:26
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The Tragedy of Antigone
Antigone is very self-willed because she doesn't care what the royal law says. She just knows she
must honor her family. It doesn't matter what people say that her brother has done because he is still
her brother and he deserves an honorable burial in Antigone's mind. She admits to breaking the royal
law and defines what she has done as an act of honor amongst her family. Antigone was not afraid to
confront Creon for the law she has broken.
Antigone did the right thing by burying her brother because even though it was against the law
she believed it was her duty to make sure her brother get a proper burial. She knew that it might bring
her to her own death but that did not matter because her family will always come before anything else.
Antigone showed character by doing the right thing while knowing the consequences of her actions.
Even after Antigone's death she did the right thing because Creon has a change of heart and regretted

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