The Time Machine

Published: 2021-06-29 07:06:18
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The Time Machine
By Rithvik Gogineni

Frank and Joe are brothers who are 18 and 19 years old. Some friends at school and some neighbors call them “The science brothers.” Frank loves to read and explore about animals. Joe loves to build machines and do experiments.

One day Frank asked Joe, “Joe! Why don’t you make a time machine? I really want to meet Mr. Edison.” “Yes, I too want meet George Washington,” said Joe. So Joe agreed and started building the machine. Frank helped him too. It took them three weeks to finish the machine. They were so excited to test it.

Frank and Joe hurried into the time machine. As Frank was setting the dial, Joe got so excited that he hit Frank’s hand accidently. Frank couldn’t control the dial. It turned too far and it broke. Frank fell on the start button and before they realized what happened the time machine started to spin and shake and disappeared in a minute.
In no time they were in the time warp tunnel. Because of the speed Frank screamed, “Joe, I think I need to throw-up!” Frank stammered, “I’m too dizzy, I can’t see!” After approximately ten minutes they heard a big bang.

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