The Thousand Cranes 2

Published: 2021-06-29 07:06:16
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           The Thousand Cranes 2                                                           (The Sequel) One day in Engakuji Temple there is Kikuji sitting there thinking what would he choose to be his wife. On the other day Kikuji should either pick the two of them, and these women whom Kikuji want to marry are: the daughter of Mrs. Ota and the girl with a thousand-crane kerchief,  Kikuji keep on struggling to pick the either two of them because the daughter of Mrs. Ota is beautiful and the girl with a thousand-crane kerchief is also beautiful, but Kikuji has a deep impression on the girl in a thousand-crane kerchief so he decided to pick her to marry him as her husband but the girl didn’t know that Kikuji picked her as her wife so has to inform the girl about the situation, so Kikuji run away to find the girl so that he could inform it, on the mean time he saw the girl walking so he quickly call the girl so the girl turned around and saw Kikuji and she was happy to see Kikuji and he quickly inform the girl that he want marry her so the girl was happy to marry her but she feel a little pity about the daughter of Mrs. Ota because Kikuji didn’t picked, but the girl said, “It’s okay because there are many men in this town”. So they prepared for the wedding ceremony and it’s called Shinto-style it is there tradition on wedding ceremony, and it is where the ceremony is very formal and usually very private, with only close family and a few guests present, so the Shinto-style was discovered. But the daughter of Mrs. Ota is sad because Kikuji didn’t picked her but her mother said “It’s okay because there are many men in this town so the daughter don’t hesitate to approved by his mother just said. So Kikuji and the girl were married and have their kid and they a successful marriage and the mother and father of the girl are happy because finally, their daughter has just been married are happy except for Kikuji because his father and mother died. And lastly they happy life and they live forever and after.                                                       Fin…….

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