The Subject I like Most

Published: 2021-06-29 07:03:15
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The subject I like most
Of all the subjects I have studied during my schooldays, English might be the most inspiring. I started learning this language from grade 6, a bit later than my peers and up to now I still need to improve my skills in IELTS class and more academic lessons - English for special purposes ones at university. Trying to getting on with the english at secondary and high schools, not only because it is taken as a core subject at school, but I soon realize that English seems to bring to me a whole new world. English is the most popular lanluage in the world, with a huge cilvilization and colorful cultures behind it. Acquiring the language, I have access to various sources of knowledges as well as taken myself in musical and literatural masterpieces. The language teaches me how to see the world as a global citizen - open minded, and ready to learn. It inspires me to dream of new lands, nourish my passion to travel and discover. As for the future job, mastering English will as well earn me more attractive job opportunites, not only in our country but all over the world. Actually, English has been more than a subject or a language to me. It makes me who I am now and a precious tool to pursue my dreams.

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