The State of Confusion

Published: 2021-06-29 06:53:36
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Should the organization or industry continue, expand, or reduce operations to maximize profits.

When talking about the food service industry and concentrating on McDonalds we can see that they are doing a very good job on going global already with 31,000 restaurants in 119 countries (, 2012). McDonalds has driven the fast food train further than any other fast food restaurant known.
In my opinion I think that McDonald's should expand and keep opening new restaurants in more countries. This could open up doors for non-wealthy countries and this could end up doing a good service for them. If we think about how many countries are in the world. There are 196 countries worldwide and McDonalds is only in 119. This organization has more to offer these numerous countries that have not yet been introduced to these markets. I am not totally dependent that McDonalds only goal is to maximize profits. I am sure that is one of them but they do so much more for the communities they are in.
I personally think that they could have the option to continue operations to maximize profits also. They need to just keep doing what they are doing by serving millions of people every day. Mentioned earlier a lot of their restaurants are open 24 hours to feed those that are hungry at whatever time of the day it is. I know that I take advantage of this when it is due.
Should the organization invest in new plants, equipment, or technologies?

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