The Singapore Airlines Group

Published: 2021-06-29 06:55:42
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Singapore Airlines (SIA) is renowned as one of the important players in the airline industry worldwide. However, SIA's competitive advantages are diluted gradually because competitions within existing competitiors become more intensive, factors such as competitive pricing, barriers to operate new routes, cost effectiveness, service homogeneous and imitation, etc.
In order to deal with those issues, SIA should investigate their existing resources and capabilities to beter utilize their strengths. Therefore, we generalize their resources and capabilities first, and then discuss what their distinctve competencies as well as sustaintable competitive advantages are.
The following table summarize all the key internal factors that SIA possessed:
1. Physical R/C V U L C S T SCA
Number of destinations H L
Latest, most updated aircraft H H L M H H Strong
Ability to gain new market and destinations H L
Airport facilities H L
Non stop flight service H L
In-flight entertainment H H M L L L Weak
Kitchen complex H L
Comfortable environment - quietest cabin H L
Global satellite and fax telephone service H H L L H L Weak
Complimentary bag of toiletries M L
Japanese cuisine L L
Virgin's Transatlantic network H L
Alliance for low-price trip - Aeroineas Argentianas H L
Joint Cargo H L
SIA Engineering Company's capacity H H L H M H Strong

2. Financial R/C
Sufficient financial resource H H L H M H
Managing the investment in Training H H L H M H
Managing the investment in Technology H H L H M H
Acquisition of virgin, air new Zealand H M

3. Human R/C V U L C S T SCA
Pilot Training program H L
Job rotation H L
Routine meeting H L
Stewardess- Singapore Girl H L
High Quality Service Staff H L
Influence of labor union M L
Low labor cost H H M H M H Strong
Customer oriented H L
Systematic Training Mechanism H H L L M L Weak
Motivation on staff performance programs H L

4. Technological R/C V U L C S T
Highly automated systems - Passenger handling capacity and facilitated H L

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