The Significance of Pozzo and Lucky in Waiting for Godot

Published: 2021-06-29 07:02:39
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The Significance of Pozzo and Lucky in Waiting for Godot
There are many characteristics or aspects in relationships between individuals. Dependency is a known characteristic that everyone portrays. From the moment of birth to the time of death, there is always someone that people look to depend on. There are even times where the dependency of others is unrealized by individuals. Samuel Beckett uses this characteristic as a known theme in his plays, as readers can reflect and compare their individual relationships shared between others. He is an author that likes to bring out reality concepts into his books because that is where readers feel connected to what is being read and they are able to have a better understanding of the interpretation of it in the plays. The characters Pozzo and Lucky, in Waiting for Godot, are essential to Vladimir and Estragons life at that specific time. The function of Pozzo and Lucky in Waiting for Godot is to prove that there is always someone in our lives that we are dependent on. The dependency of meeting Vladimir and Estragon was all in the purpose of helping them realize and become reality of their purpose or change they are seeking for in their life. This purpose of life that they are looking for will not come to them, they must use the time they have to seek for the change as they must only count on the limited time they have. Pozzo and Lucky in act 2 become reality to Luckys advice in his speech. They are evidence that time should not be wasted as there is none to spare, the more time you waste on nothing the less time you will have to fulfill your purpose, the closer you become to death and not fulfilling it.
The dependency between Pozzo and Lucky is what keeps the pair together, though the dependency of one character is different from what the other is dependent of. In act one, Pozzo and Luckys relationship is distinguished to be a master and slave relationship. Correspondingly it can be determined that the need of one another is very different in terms of who they are to each other. As Pozzo uses lucky as his slave, it would be correct to establish that he is therefore dependent on him to do physical labour work for him. On the other hand, by taking into consideration the way he interprets himself, Pozzo uses lucky to receive recognition and reassurance of how great and powerful he thinks he is.
"POZZO: [Terrifying voice.] I am Pozzo! [Silence.] Pozzo! [Silence.]
Does that name mean nothing to you? [Silence] I say does that name
mean nothing to you? [VLADIMIR and ESTRAGON look at each other
questioningly.]" (Act 1, page 23)
This quote shows Pozzos disapproval of Vladimir and Estragon as they are not able to recognize who he is. Pozzo is seen to be frustrated by this fact and upset. The only person that can truly give Pozzo the recognition and satisfaction he is looking for is his slave Lucky as he allows Pozzo to overpower him to be superior. To add, Pozzos whip is a representation of his power over Lucky which is constantly used on him as he does nothing to retaliate. This allows Pozzo to receive the satisfaction of feeling powerful and superior. To follow, Pozzo demonstrates dependency towards Lucky in his life as he uses him for recognition and physical work.

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