The Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties Reflection Paper

Published: 2021-06-29 07:12:07
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UMBINA, GESCERY MOLETABSBA FM 301The Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties is owned and managed by the brother-and-sister tandem, Wool and Reyes. This is a succession type of business because originally, this was owned by their father Wency Reyes. The first Royal Caribbean store opened its doors with a small branch in BF Homes Paranaque in 1999. Jamaican patties can be likened to the Philippine empanada (Meat and veggies fillings wrapped and baked inside tasty bread dough).1. What entrepreneurial qualities were demonstrated by the entrepreneurs did you admire most?It was started when Wency Reyes tried and experimented with over 600 patties. His dedication to produce a great product which is the same level of dedication he had passed to his children.  He really wanted to make sure that what he came up with is what the customers will love for many years. Then, in 2003 when Wool and Champ succeeded their father’s business, they really put in their selves in business. Wool and Champ began developing Royal Caribbean into a stronger brand, while practicing youngsters in the business arena at twenty-seven and twenty-six years, they feel that having grown up in the business has allowed them to learn and experience much more that other people their age. They were both graduated in business school. Wool and Champ dedication and passion in business made the Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties grew over the years. Discipline, strength of character, commitment and patience made them surpass the difficulties of being an entrepreneur.

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