The Root of Sin

Published: 2021-06-29 07:07:43
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The Root of Sin.

Written as journal entries and prayers to God, Confessions by St. Augustine became a favorite to the religious people. In his Confessions, St. Augustine writes about his sinful youth, his regrets of following other religions and the immoral ways of life that he used to live before his conversion to Christianity.
His mom was known to be Catholic and his father a Protestant, this mixture of customs and beliefs are at fault for his confusion of religion. He dealt with this confusion as a youth until he was in his late twenties. Evidently this little understanding of what religion is made it hard for St. Augustine to truly understand what religion really meant, resulting in his delayed decision about which religion he would later claim. Admittedly St. Augustine first followed the doctrine known as Manichaeism, which explained how the operative forces in the universe decided good and evil. Then he followed Neo-Platonism, which emphasized the soul's striving for perfection in an imperfect world. Augustine acknowledged he was a bouncer of religions. It wasn't until he heard the mantra, "Take up and read (Davis, 1051)", referring to the Bible, that he stopped questioning religions, eventually deciding Christianity would be his chosen belief. Today St. Augustine is noted to be one of the most important theologians of the ancient church. In his Confessions, his thoughts surrounding "original sin" are disclosed.
The Christian doctrine promotes, and St. Augustine cosigns, this pessimistic view that individuals are, "depraved sinners deserving of eternal damnation." Like St. Augustine, the doctrines in Genesis, for me, are the easiest to believe. Without a doubt, all I need for validity is to observe the factors that currently influence me.

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