The Role of Women Until 1500

Published: 2021-06-29 07:04:19
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The role of women until 1500 2
A woman's role in this century compared to a woman's role in the 15 century is different, now days it about the same as a man in corporate positions in any company. The purpose of this paper is, to answer and what the roles of a woman were in the 15 century? In this paper I plan to get to know what their roles in their household, in society and what w things women did and their roles in their community in this time being politically or business in their countries and how things worked.
In early Rome there was a law called "Rome law" the meaning of this law was women were considered as children, thought as to be inferior to man. Treated different in this time women were considered the weaker ones, they had no say when it came to things that they "men" felt that they were more superior to a woman. Woman were considered the weaker sex according to men at the time women were unable to perform work requiring muscles or smart enough to decide anything.
Woman were always put at a lower rank than as a man, defined as being a man property women at birth were always held at a lower rank than of a man because of their physical features. Only time a woman had any type of power if she was born within a wealthy family only then she would have been considered to have a better job than the woman not born into wealth. In the churches except Orthodox Churches woman were allowed to make themselves equal in the community as Martyrs.
Arranged and negotiated by the elders marriage of a woman to her man was not up to the women but to others, as a wife entering her husband's extended family she was considered as a

The role of women until 1500 3
stranger, under the thumb of her in-laws, and a women life was confined to the home where her and her husband lived, by bearing children she would have gained more of a status.
The life of women in ancient Greek societies centered around their household, Greek women raised children and managed cooking in the household along with any other household duties. The wealthy women supervised slaves in tasks, but would occasionally would do work themselves. Respectful of their men and their household most women in ancient societies rarely left their households. Egypt and Spartan women could have own their own property and in businesses they could have a say in business operations. Athens a women's main role was to manage household affairs, but could not hold public office.

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