The Role of Women in Society

Published: 2021-06-29 07:10:59
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The Role Of Women In Society
The Role of Women in Society
Spanning the history of humanity, groups of people have come together to fight for their civil rights and the chance at a better life. The United States had a series of revolutions with many wronged minorities demanding equality. Among these groups of people, women were a major group seeking liberation. The Feminist movement, both the First Wave and the Second Wave, achieved many of the goals its innovators sought to accomplish. Legally, women have gained much equality to men. However, the inner workings of society need to be revamped to eliminate all prejudices women face simply because they are women. The Feminist Movement has earned women a new status in society that was not possible fifty years ago, but there is still room for improvement.
The group that I am studying is women, within the group women I am also touching on the subgroup African American women, lesbians, and Trans women. The group woman is defined as any person who identifies themselves as a woman.

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